Our company specializes in architectural planning and the reorganization of production and business areas. We are one of the leading Slovenian companies in terms of self-developed project solutions, aligned to the needs and requests of companies and institutions in regards to their work environment. Our answers and solutions are based on more than 27 years of work experience and more than 1000 successful projects all around Slovenia.

In 2017 we provided architectural plans for:

314 working spaces;

9384 m2 of production and business areas;

9 companies and their requests for a safe and productive work environment.

The vision of our studio is to provide companies and institutions that acknowledge the value of cooperation and innovation with individually adjusted solutions for their spatial needs. These solutions are meant to boost their productivity by at least 20% and provide them with a safe work environment.



Analyzing – Without unfavorable surprises

Structured questionnaires, staff interviews, property inspection and the usage of modern technology and techniques allow us to carefully analyze all needed procedures. This analysis is presented to the clients, coupled with an in-depth walkthrough of the construction plan, spatial planning schemes and the required time to finish your project.


Planning – Quality. Speed. Aligned to your financial budget

In the planning phase we can influence more than 40% of the construction price. This responsibility is taken very seriously by our studio and serves as a primary guide to our planning. Our goal is to use our knowledge and experience to find the best construction experts that are ready to cooperate with you to successfully finish your planned project, with swiftness and high quality, in accordance to your financial wishes.


New design – Clear goal

  • A working environment which enables higher production rates and fits the staff’s needs;
  • A working environment for safe production and work processes;
  • Spaces, aligned to the company’s vision;
  • Spaces that inspire trust in clients.


We carry out all the project phases – We save you from the burden of shifting responsibility from one project co-contractor to the other  

Studio LIST will provide you with experienced individuals that will take full responsibility for the completion of your construction project. We serve as the link between you, the experts and the contractors. We employ a highly qualified group of people who always make sure to stay up to date with modern trends to provide you with the best support. Our team comprises of people that know how to tackle complex issues with their holistic mindset.


Your project partner from start to finish – We offer you full support on every step of the way: before, while and after constructing

You have a vision. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to make that vision come to life. Our objective is to complete the project in compliance with your needs and the profession rules. The leaders of the project and the process of cooperation are precisely determined, allowing for unhindered exchange of information. We have more than 27 years of experience and a wide array of competences, allowing us to finish complex work on time and with a high level of quality.


Long term cooperation is worth it – Trust and verified procedures of cooperation allow for a fast response

Because we planned and/or reorganized your work and production spaces we can provide a fast response if you require new changes and additions. The constantly shifting conditions of work require fast spatial adaptation. If we know your work spaces beforehand and have a good working relation stemming from the past, we can provide you with efficient planning that does not require as many meetings and coordination.


We are committed to keeping the quality of our architectural planning to the fullest. We offer you full support on every step of the way: before, while and after constructing.

Apartments in the old city center of Celje

Area planning between streets Glavni trg 4 and Kocenova 2a in Celje.

Luče Sports Center

New sports center in Luče which grants the city an additional 1000 m2 of new sports and multifunctional surface.

A store with a story in the Celje city center

From idea to reality – renovation of business facilities on Stanetova street in Celje.

Guesthouse renovation next to the Celje market

We connected the inner space to the exterior with the help of a moving glass wall.

Holistic renovation of IKC Šentjur

Renovating with wood for an easier and faster construction that does not burden the existing building.

Holistic renovation of a stone-built vacation home

We gave new meaning to worn-down stone on the island of Kaprije.

Prenova stare hiše

Business suites of Termoshop

New distribution of rooms.

Music School Šentjur

Building renovation and introduction of a modern music school program into a historic building.


99,7% projects successfully finished. We retain long-term cooperation with 73% of our clients. In 2017, 82% of our commissions came from our existing clientele.


These are especially welcome.

Why Studio LIST?

We are specialists for the work environment.

We have been planning and researching work environments for 27 years. We have finished more than 1000 projects to this day, providing our clients with productive and safe working space.

We understand technological processes and standards.

Specialized technological equipment requires specific conditions to be fit inside a working space. Errors are not allowed because they are often irreparable and expensive. Our own process of planning, specialized methods and the usage of 3D technology allow us to provide you with a high quality plan in the required time, reducing the possibility of errors.

We do not plan by heart. We consistently keep the price in check.

In the planning phase we can influence more than 40% of the construction price. This responsibility is taken very seriously by our studio and serves as a primary guide to our planning.

85% of our time is spend indoors. 35% of this time is spent at work.

Our goal is to architecturally plan both safe, productive working environments and invigorating living spaces that provide you with stimulation.