Guesthouse renovation next to the Celje market

We connected the inner space to the exterior with the help of a moving glass wall.

The guesthouse is located right next to the city center, next to the Celje market. It is connected to the old city walls. In the past the ground floor served as a restaurant. The first building was L designed and had a center restaurant area added later.

The renovated guesthouse is, in comparison to the older building, designed as an extroverted space, connected to the Celje center and market with the help of a moving glass wall. The new design does not interfere with the existing city walls. Therefore, additional natural sunlight is added with the help of lights that are placed on the horizontal roof which also serves as a terrace for the rooms upstairs.

The colouring of the existing building separates it from the newly constructed parts of the guesthouse and creates a neutral background to the city space. This renovation gave the people of Celje a newly added pleasant ambience that they can now enjoy in the city center.