Our projects

Apartments in the old city center of Celje

Area planning between streets Glavni trg 4 and Kocenova 2a in Celje.

Luče Sports Center

New sports center in Luče which grants the city an additional 1000 m2 of new sports and multifunctional surface.

A store with a story in the Celje city center

From idea to reality – renovation of business facilities on Stanetova street in Celje.

Guesthouse renovation next to the Celje market

We connected the inner space to the exterior with the help of a moving glass wall.

Holistic renovation of IKC Šentjur

Renovating with wood for an easier and faster construction that does not burden the existing building.

Holistic renovation of a stone-built vacation home

We gave new meaning to worn-down stone on the island of Kaprije.

Prenova stare hiše

Business suites of Termoshop

New distribution of rooms.

Music School Šentjur

Building renovation and introduction of a modern music school program into a historic building.

House renovation in Celje

We transformed a typical Slovenian home into a modern, energy efficient home.

Primary Classroom Redesign: Creating an Inclusive Learning Space

We prove that each space can be transformed into an inclusive and stimulating environment.

Presentation of the Roman mosaics in Celje

A suggested plan for a pavilion that would serve for presenting the Roman floor mosaics in Celje.

Apartment building on Prešernova street in Celje

Modern apartments in a old town house.

Apartment complex Komen

An Apartment complex consisting of energy efficient houses, inspired by traditional Karst methodology.

Polzela apartment building

Modern apartments in the center of Polzela.

Merkscha storage facility

New storage facilities for more productive work.

Polzela retirement home – Wooden building addition

A new floor with natural sunlight that provides visitors with a panoramic view towards Polzela

Renovation of the Laško mortuary and reconstruction of the new parting hall

A big and bright parting hall to ease the burden of loss.

Braslovče Culture hall

Reinvigoration of the market center with a rich cultural program and a modern culture hall.

Šoštanj kindergarten

Natural materials and sunlight with more grassy surfaces for a pleasant childhood.

Polzela kindergarten

Natural materials and sunlight with more grassy surfaces for a pleasant childhood.

New rooms for the Nazarje Medical center

The new rooms offer easier mobility for patients and improve quality of work conditions for staff members.

Storage facility Razvoj d.o.o., Braslovče

Big windows that add more natural sunlight to brighten the working environment.

School center Šentjur engineering workshops

The holistic renovation provided the school with high quality workshops that provide a better learning environment.

Planja Hotel renovation on Rogla

More pleasant rooms and panorama balconies will earn it the fourth star.

Building renovation on Stanetova street in Celje

Modern apartments in a old town house.

Entry canopy and renovation of the town hall facade in Polzela – Design plans

Keeping the cultural heritage details and values intact.

Deserted castle Šoštanj

A new tourist pathway and vista from the Deserted castle.

Renovation of the Polzela parting hall

New materials in line with initial planning. We retained a high quality space.

Single family house, Ločica pri Savinji

Wood and stone for a private, comfortable feeling.