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Apartments in the old city center of Celje

Area planning between streets Glavni trg 4 and Kocenova 2a in Celje.

Luče Sports Center

New sports center in Luče which grants the city an additional 1000 m2 of new sports and multifunctional surface.

A store with a story in the Celje city center

From idea to reality – renovation of business facilities on Stanetova street in Celje.

Guesthouse renovation next to the Celje market

We connected the inner space to the exterior with the help of a moving glass wall.

Holistic renovation of IKC Šentjur

Renovating with wood for an easier and faster construction that does not burden the existing building.

Holistic renovation of a stone-built vacation home

We gave new meaning to worn-down stone on the island of Kaprije.

Prenova stare hiše

Business suites of Termoshop

New distribution of rooms.

Music School Šentjur

Building renovation and introduction of a modern music school program into a historic building.

House renovation in Celje

We transformed a typical Slovenian home into a modern, energy efficient home.